Unum Group, East Garage Improvements Project

  • Project Type:Garage Renovation
  • Owner:Unum Group
  • Location:Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Engineer:Desman Associates/ WSP Flack & Kurtz
  • Project Dates:October – December 2013

Unum hired DCBA to perform various renovations and upgrades to the company’s 860-space, single-lane parking garage in downtown Worcester. The garage was originally constructed in the 1970s using precast double tees with an open air design. As a part of our renovations we repaired the concrete deck and placed an epoxy traffic coating membrane over the concrete to mitigate the leaking issues. The project also involved installation of a dual water line riser so that facilities could properly maintain the garage by performing a wash down at each level semi-annually. Other upgrades included the application of intumescent paint to the structure at the entrance lane of the garage, which was required to gain clearance for higher vehicles, as well as various painting and safety measures to prevent tripping/falling hazards in the outdated garage design.