Stewards Healthcare, Quincy Medical Center Radiology Suite Office Renovation

  • Project Type:Office Renovation
  • Owner:Stewards Healthcare
  • Location:Qunicy, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Steffian Bradley Architects
  • Engineer:BR+A
  • Project Dates:March-May 2012

For this project, DCBA needed to change an existing space into a new waiting room and upgrade bathrooms, locker rooms, and architectural elements. DCBA implemented and reviewed ICRA and ILSM plans with building facilities in order to provide safety precautions for the hospital’s patients and employees. The new layout necessitated the construction of new walls, ceilings, and lighting and for modifications to be made to the fire protection and HVAC systems. Workers also relocated plumbing pipes and added a new air handling unit and exhaust fans. Architectural upgrades included paint, flooring, millwork, doors, and ceilings. Due to the fact that the work was completed in an occupied hospital, it was vital for dust and noise to be kept at a minimum and coordination with facilities was required to ensure daily operations would not be affected by the construction.