Shire, Boiler Replacement 500 Shire Way

  • Project Type:Infrastructure Upgrade
  • Owner:Shire
  • Location:Lexington, Massachusetts
  • Engineer:Hart Design Group
  • Project Dates:Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

This project will be executed in the first quarter of 2016 and involves the replacement of two aging boilers with three modern high-efficiency Harsco P-K Termific units. Construction is planned in sequences in order to avoid hot water interruptions to Shire and its tenant, both of which rely on this utility for critical operations. In addition to removing and replacing the old boilers, workers will also streamline the hot water loops, remove an unused heat exchanger, provide a new natural gas feed for the boilers, deliver a new rooftop stack, and install new circulation pumps, air separators, expansion tanks, and other boiler loop components. All preparation work will be completed in advance of the hot water shutdown, minimizing the shutdown duration and impact on building occupants.