Shire, Air Handler Upgrades and Summer Shutdown

  • Project Type:Pharmaceutical Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Owner:Shire
  • Location:Alewife, Massachusetts
  • Engineer:Thompson Consultants, Inc.
  • Project Dates:Winter 2014 – Summer 2015

DCBA provided preconstruction, procurement, and construction services for this project to replace an old AHU unit with two 25,000-lb-Fanwall units (each dedicated to a separate floor). This challenging project required tight logistical planning. DCBA had to safely and unobtrusively perform large-scale construction operations in a very tight urban environment. Thompson Consultants determined that the existing single unit was under-sized, antiquated, and needed to be replaced. Preparation work during Phase One work was successfully performed while the building was operational and occupied and included the installation of new steel dunnage and platforms on the rooftop, relocation of utilities, and rigging of the new units into place. During Phase Two, workers made final connections to the building ductwork, chilled water, hot water, and electrical utilities, and tied the new BMS controls and AHU control/VFD panels into the existing infrastructure. This work was completed during a two-week building shutdown. After functional testing, the units were tied into the house ductwork and HVAC balancing was finalized to return the plant to cGMP manufacturing purposes. Since the new units supplied the entire building (which included clean rooms), balancing requirements were extensive and stringent, requiring 24/7 efforts to ensure that spaces were fully commissioned within the allotted timeframe. Construction was complete once the existing unit was removed from the roof and the remaining steel dunnage was enclosed and reconfigured.