Genzyme | Sanofi, 78 NYA Glycol Waste Containment Project

  • Project Type:Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Owner:Genzyme, Sanofi
  • Location:Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Engineer:Hart Design Group
  • Project Dates:Winter 2015-2016

This infrastructure project on Genzyme’s Framingham’s campus included the installation of a containment area for trucks during the pump out of the waste glycol tanks. In the event of a spill, the containment area would capture the glycol, thereby preventing environmental contamination. Items installed included several reinforced concrete slabs, walls, pits, below-grade drainage piping and control valve, chemical resistant coating system, guardrails, and a full fence enclosure. Due to FDA mandates, work was executed during winter 2015, which required careful planning of operations to avoid impacts from adverse weather. Construction required coordination with process gas deliveries and waste glycol pick-ups from adjacent tank farms throughout construction. Workers used ground-penetrating-radar to protect buried utilities in excavation area.