Novartis, 100TS Laboratory Renovations & Maintenance

  • Project Type:Lab Renovation and Maintenance
  • Owner:Novartis
  • Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Clifford/Hoffman Associates
  • Engineer:20/20 Engineering LLC
  • Project Dates:Winter 2013 & 2014

This multi-phase project took place in an occupied, multi-tenant, operational laboratory and office building. Work was performed in 19 labs on eight different floors. Meticulous scheduling was essential to make sure that work was efficient and to mitigate the impact to active labs and other surrounding work areas as was coordinating all MEP shutdowns. DCBA implemented MEP modifications to accommodate new lab layouts and equipment and added architectural finish repairs such as patching, painting, and ceilings. Workers installed owner-provided equipment, including glass washers, freezers, vented high-density shelving, ice machines, ephys rigs, and incubators. Cleanliness was of the utmost importance, as construction areas often were set up on a day-by-day basis or were in close proximity to ongoing research and equipment. The preconstruction services DCBA performed included working with Novartis to determine which spaces were priorities, establishing conceptual budgets, and developing the project schedule. DCBA had to coordinate closely with the Novartis project team to facilitate building occupants’ transition from one space to the next so that construction could continue in the newly vacated areas.