Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Shao-Horn Lab Renovations Building 31

  • Project Type:Office and Lab Renovation
  • Owner:MIT
  • Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Imai Keller Moore Architects
  • Engineer:WSP
  • Project Dates:December 2013 – February 2014

MIT hired DCBA for preconstruction services and to perform the renovation of two 475 sq. ft. lab spaces as well as two office spaces, and to make miscellaneous MEPFP upgrades. This project was undertaken in order to expand the area of an electrochemical energy lab space. DCBA oversaw the installation of several pieces of sophisticated lab equipment, including mobile benches with ceiling mounted power drops and exhaust articulating arms, three fully exhausted gas storage cabinets (which were added via a stainless steel distribution system for carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and fluorine gas connections), and a cutting edge gas detection system capable of detecting concentrations as low as 15 PPM CO, 1 PPM HF, and 10% Hydrogen. Workers put in additional gas monitors throughout the laboratory space and connected them to the building’s fire alarm and other automated systems. All of the spaces were outfitted with new HVAC, ceilings, flooring, millwork, and light fixtures, as well as fire suppression upgrades. Due to the intricate nature of this project, great care had to be taken when moving equipment, for example, relocating a fume hood in the active adjacent lab space.