Massachusetts Institute of Technology, E25 Cleanroom Facility Renovation

  • Project Type:Cleanroom Renovation
  • Owner:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Vision 3 Architects
  • Engineer:WSP, Inc.
  • Project Dates:Summer 2013

This complicated undertaking involved the renovation of a laboratory located within an occupied chemistry building on the MIT campus. Originally, the ISO 6 Class 1000 Clean Room was to be a complete package, designed and built by a sole manufacturer. However, during preconstruction the Project Team determined that MIT would save significantly if the room was stick built. Due to potential corrosion issues from lab research processes within the clean room, all materials selected for the room had to be metal free. To meet this requirement, DCBA workers wrapped the casework and fumehoods completely in PVC-1 material and installed custom PSP-coated ductwork. Other additions included wax dipped sprinkler heads, tank liner epoxy flooring, and epoxy wall paint. Any exposed utilities were also covered. Infrastructure upgrades to support the clean room, as well as adjacent lab space, required the installation of new 7250 CFM plastic exhaust fans, steel supports for the roof exhaust fans, HEPA fan filter unit, HVAC fans, lab sinks, RODI piping, water polishers, and clean room electrical panel and lighting. Since other areas of the building were in use, DCBA coordinated all construction with building facilities and scientists in adjacent active labs to ensure daily operations, ongoing experiments, and research were not disrupted.