Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Chemical Waste Storage Facility

  • Project Type:Hazardous Waste Transportation
  • Owner:Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Wilson Architects, Inc.
  • Engineer:BR+A
  • Project Dates:Summer – Fall 2014

DCBA was hired to relocate MIT’s Chemical Waste Storage Facility, an undertaking that required workers turn an X-ray laboratory in an occupied building into a hazardous chemical consolidation area. Underground trench drains were installed for chemical spill containment and two existing underground pits were re-purposed for chemical consolidation. A leak detection and pit level monitoring system, as well as a flame detection system were added to alarm occupants in the event of a release of hazardous chemicals. Both systems were integrated into the existing fire alarm and emergency alert system. In addition to MEP modifications within the new storage facility, the project necessitated upgrades to the exhaust system: new vent stacks, steel support structure on the building’s exhaust fans, etc. Architectural upgrades included new epoxy flooring, casework, storage racks, and light fixtures. Due to the fact that construction was performed in an occupied building during normal business hours, this project required DCBA to work closely with MIT to ensure that interruptions to day-to-day operations were mitigated.