Massachusetts General Hospital/Partner’s HealthCare, Animal Suite Mechanical Systems & Ductwork Upgrade

  • Project Type:Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Owner:MGH/Partners HealthCare
  • Location:Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Linea 5, Inc.
  • Engineer:Thompson Consultants, Inc.
  • Project Dates:Fall 2015 – Winter 2016

This multi-phase project included upgrades to the mechanical systems throughout the eighth floor animal suite in a Massachusetts General Hospital/Partners Health Care’s research facility. Temporary walls were erected to separate the construction area from adjacent occupied vivarium spaces. In addition, vibration and noise monitoring devices were installed to ensure construction activities would not disrupt ongoing laboratory research. ILSM and ICRA Plans were developed during the preplanning phase in accordance with MGH’s stringent campus standards. Scope included the demolition of existing CMU walls, reconfiguration of the architectural layout of the suite, replacement of all HVAC branch ductwork, and addition of new VAV boxes and VFDs. DCBA also installed new lights, made plumbing modifications, and put in a new steam system for humidification control. MEP coordination efforts during the initial phase of the project was very important for an efficient and effective execution of the work, as was communication in order to give MGH/Partners an opportunity to review final MEP service locations. Strict gowning procedures were followed whenever work was to take place in an occupied area of the vivarium.