Harvard University, Common Area Renovation

  • Project Type:Interior Renovation
  • Owner:Harvard University
  • Location:Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Hecht & Associates
  • Engineer:Rist-Frost-Shumway and R.W. Sullivan
  • Project Dates:Project Dates: August-September 2010

This renovation of an occupied Harvard University study and function space created an open and welcoming environment for students and faculty. Despite the heavy foot track, DCBA was able to mitigate the impact of construction on users of the space by setting up temporary partitions and minimizing the time workers spent in occupied areas. Mechanical improvements included refurbishing and cleaning existing mechanical equipment and installing new sprinkler main piping sprinkler heads, electrical circuiting, and lighting. Architectural features included new openings into the space, alcoves for vending machines, wood trim, rubber floor, and acoustical ceilings. All work was coordinated through facilities.