Genzyme |Sanofi, QC Laboratory Renovation at 45 & 68 New York Avenue

  • Project Type:Laboratory & Office Renovation
  • Owner:Genzyme, Sanofi
  • Location:Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Wilson Architects
  • Engineer:Thompson Consultants, Inc.
  • Project Dates:Spring-Winter 2015

Since Genzyme’s QC laboratory was in operation 24-hours-a-day, DCBA diligently coordinated construction activities with the Genzyme Project Team for this renovation, which took place in two occupied biologics buildings and was completed in three phases using a design-build approach with Thompson Consultants Inc. and Wilson Architects. Once the construction documents were finalized, Phase One began. This phase included mechanical and architectural upgrades to transform a validated laboratory into a pre- and post-PCR space. Caution and careful coordination during construction was necessary in order to ensure previously validated spaces adjacent to the project were not impacted and remained free of construction debris. and kept clean at all times. At the same time, DCBA upgraded an existing office suite with new flooring, ceilings, light fixtures, and HVAC finishes and constructed a new conference room. Phase Two involved converting office areas into support spaces for the Quality Control Lab. New spaces included a high-density storage document control room with an independent pre-action fire suppression system, ambient storage spaces, a sample drop-off area, and a document review area. DCBA worked closely with Genzyme and end users to document existing conditions, evaluate future needs, and finalize required process piping modifications. Phase Three included HVAC modifications, the replacement of an exhaust fan, and the upgrade of the existing duct distribution within the lab. Phase Three work was completed within 36-hours in order to limit interruptions to the existing lab. To achieve this, DCBA had three crews working back to back. Even while the equipment connected to the exhaust fan was temporarily shut down, daily research operations within the QC lab continued. DCBA used temporary barriers to seal off construction zones within the lab during established time frames to protect Genzyme’s operations. Safety improvements including new anoxia controls for the QC lab were also added to the Phase Three scope. As this scope was not previously defined in the BOD, DCBA worked closely with Genzyme Safety and Genzyme Engineering to capture the scope, provide cost studies, procure equipment, and execute the work. New sensors and controls were integrated with the building’s BMS system. An office renovation similar to Phase One was also completed during this phase.