Genzyme | Sanofi, Multilevel Garage Renovations

  • Project Type:Garage Repair/Renovations
  • Owner:Genzyme, Sanofi
  • Location:Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Architect:Signer Harris
  • Engineer:Engineer: Desman Associates/ R.W. Sullivan
  • Project Dates:October 2010

Genzyme hired DCBA to repair and renovate two multilevel parking garages on its Framingham campus. Because the garages remained active throughout, this project required extensive coordination with facilities. Workers focused on upgrades to existing pre-cast elements, exterior walls, architectural pre-casts, and stair towers. Structural repairs included new steel members, concrete footings, and carbon-reinforced fibers to shore up cantilevered portions of the garage. DCBA demolished and removed the asphalt topping at the supported upper level and then used hydro-demolition equipment to remove the adhered waterproofing membrane. DCBA installed new storefront windows and entrances, asphalt topping, traffic-bearing waterproofing membrane, line striping, signage, new rainwater floor drains, an upgraded fire alarm system, new exhaust fans for the stair towers, new lights and light poles. and a new waterproofing treatment on the exterior stair towers.