Sanofi, June Biosurgery, Biologics, CTM and FSS Shutdown

  • Project Type:Laboratory Renovation and Shutdown
  • Owner:Genzyme, Sanofi
  • Location:Framingham, Massachusetts
  • Project Dates:Summer 2014

Sanofi hired DCBA to perform preconstruction and construction services for the shutdown and renovation of a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. This project required a two-week shutdown and declassification of the facility in order to make the necessary upgrades to take an 81,950 sq. ft. area from a Class 1 to Class 3 clean spaces. This renovation involved equipment tests, repairs, and maintenance. Due to the short duration and the magnitude of the project, DCBA kept work shifts running 24 hours a day. During the shutdown, DCBA acted as both the scheduler and manager of both the subcontractors’ and Sanofi’s schedules and helped Sanofi define each subcontractor’s scope of work. Some examples of the critical work completed (with minimal allowances for problems or delays) include the installation of a full anoxia monitoring system throughout the manufacturing facility; preservation of critical components and priceless freezer-stored samples during a power shutdown of the building’s normal and emergency power; and maintenance and modifications performed on the Water for Injection (WFI), Reversed Osmosis Deionized (RODI), and Clean Steam.