Exelon Corporation, Mystic Power Plant Hoist Installation

  • Project Type:Hoist Installation
  • Owner:Exelon Corporation
  • Location:Charlestown, Massachusetts
  • Engineer:Goldstein-Milano/ R.W. Sullivan
  • Project Dates:June-August 2013

The Exelon Corporation hired DCBA to repurpose and install a hoist next to an operating power plant. Since the hoist had been used in another facility, it was crucial that workers thoroughly reviewed all materials before beginning the project to make sure the complete system was viable. DCBA and its subcontractors had to meet Exelon’s strict safety standards, which involved daily forms to be filled out and intricate coordination with the Facilities Department to make sure day-to-day operations continued without interruptions. The project scope included building five new steel platforms and helical piles to support a new concrete slab for the hoist and coordinating various trades to make sure structural and electrical improvements were made efficiently.