Division of Capital Asset Management, Central Plant Upgrades

  • Project Type:Infrastructure/Facility Upgrades
  • Owner:Division of Capital Asset Management (DCAM)
  • Location:Wrentham & Hogan, Massachusetts
  • Architect/Engineer:SMMA (Design Build)
  • Project Dates:Winter 2011-Winter 2013

DCBA made upgrades to DCAM’s MEP infrastructure within an occupied building in order to create a more efficient (and less costly) energy system for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Scope included decommissioning old steam systems, running of new utilities, and installing the following items: new water heaters throughout the campus, three 500HP boilers, a Megawatt CoGeneration Plant 1, a one-acre Solar Array, and a new campus controls system to support the numerous upgrades. This project required meticulous coordination among DCBA, facility occupants, and the owner in order for all shutdowns and tie-ins to the existing infrastructure to have minimal impact on business as usual.