Why DC Beane

  • At DC Beane and Associates Construction Company, we are a team of competent and experienced builders dedicated to providing our clients with the expertise and knowledge required to complete complex projects on time and on budget. Our employees are individuals with excellent technical skills who have demonstrated their dedication to the core principals of quality construction and the greatest sensitivity to our client’s needs. DC Beane employees have the competence to successfully complete any size and type of project. Equipped with the most up to date technology, our employees work diligently to identify issues before they arise and reduce risk prior to construction. We are passionate about what we do. This passion is illustrated in our quality of work and the meaningful relationships we build in the process.

  • As a mid-sized general contractor, DC Beane employs individuals of all experience levels and can provide a multitude of services based on this collaborative experience and background knowledge. We understand what is expected of our company and work together with our clients and the design teams to make sure that our work is completed to the project team’s standards. An essential part of this process is effective communication. We understand that the flow of information is important in all aspects of the construction process from preconstruction to closeout. At any time throughout a project, our clients have the ability to pick up the phone and call one of the owners. We are confident in our ability to use this flow of information as a tool to improve the construction process.

  • At DC Beane we strive for excellence. What has made DC Beane successful is the reputation we have established by consistently providing our customers with a successful building experience and delivering a superior product. We are proud to have this reputation and are committed to continuing and improving this tradition.

Louis Traglia
Louis Traglia - Genzyme | Sanofi Corporation Every aspect of their performance on the project met or exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Their work was professional, executing a myriad of tasks, all accomplished per the schedule with little to no direct input for supervision from me. They acted autonomously, always pushing for what was in Genzyme’s best interest, and working hard to provide a true turnkey solution to our needs. I was extremely pleased with my first experience with you team and will pass on my impressions and strong endorsement to my clients here at Genzyme.
Adam Dragolic
Adam Dragolic - Bristol Myers Squibb DC Beane’s management of trade contractors, project controls, and client interface ensured successful delivery of the project in-line with BMS expectations and business objectives. DC Beane proved to be an asset to Bristol Myers Squibb for the project. They successfully applied sound construction principles during project implementation and effectively interacted with Bristol Myers Squibb. With this in mind, I strongly recommend DC Beane for General Contracting services in the eastern Massachusetts area.
Jeffrey Ball
Jeffrey Ball - Former Vice President of Global Capital Projects for Genzyme | Sanofi Corporation Since the first introduction, I have called on DC Beane and Associates for a wide variety of critical projects. They range in size and complexity but they were all handled by creating a driven, focused, team environment. This environment was there for the client’s best interest and the project’s goal. This is the methodology that I embraced and counted on. I was touring a lab and office renovation project when it became clear that the project had been executed in such a way that the occupants were all very pleased with the orchestration, execution and most importantly communication. Lab renovations can be run efficiently from a cost, schedule and quality view and DC Beane did just that, but rarely in my experience do they go well in the eyes of the occupants. When I needed to take ownership of a site’s clinical manufacturing facility project, I called upon DC Beane. Their project team organized, refocused and executed this company critical project. The project sponsor gave a testimonial based on the professionalism, drive nature and results of the project.
Matthew Teal
Matthew Teal - New England Laboratory Casework Co. Inc. Joe Gaiko and the rest of the team have done well to provide clear scope at the time of pricing and are proactive in the coordination and scheduling phase of the project. DC Beane has always paid within the terms of contract, and it has been a pleasure to do business with them. We would be happy to partner with them on any laboratory construction project.
Philip Memmott
Philip Memmott - Faithful+Gould Inc. Working with DC Beane and Associates has been a pleasure and I look forward to future projects with them. In particular they bring the following points of value to a project team: Preconstruction strengths in budgeting, scheduling, and risk mitigation, Building impact and shutdown oversights, Close coordination within occupied and active laboratory environments, Professional and knowledgeable staff, High Levels of safety awareness, both laboratory and construction related items.
John McPherson
John McPherson - Genzyme | Sanofi Corporation I want to thank you for everything you did to help us with the upgrading and renovations of our pilot manufacturing plant. The cell culture suite and downstream purification areas are fully operational and now only the fill/finish facility remains to be completed. David Beane and his company have been instrumental in helping us with this project. It will have a very positive impact on many people who are less fortunate than we are.
Niall Black
Niall Black - J.M. Electrical Company Inc. Your team did an excellent job managing the schedule and the phasing in place, which is always a difficult thing to do in an occupied lab building. The project staff was excellent in their communication and in scheduling each phase with my foreman. Without their expertise, this job would not have gone so smoothly.
Brian Potter
Brian Potter - T.G. Gallagher We have been working with DC Beane and Associates since their formation. Our Experience has been very positive. Both David and Joe focus on client service and managing their projects very aggressively and always with the clients best interest in mind. As a subcontractor they are detailed in their approach and communicate schedule and deliverables clearly and efficiently. The bulk of our experience has been in the higher education and life science sectors where quality, detail and schedule are keys to success. We have enjoyed our relationship and look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.
Thomas Clifford
Thomas Clifford - Clifford Hoffman Associates I was extremely impressed with the entire team from their project organization, detailed and precise meeting notes, project coordination, timely and thorough shop drawing submittals and knowledgeable field supervision. All five projects were completed on time and on budget. If there were any unforeseen conditions or delivery issues, the DC Beane team worked together to resolve it. Their team spirit made it and enjoyable project to be associated with. I would strongly recommend DC Beane and believe they have the technical expertise and experience to complete any project no matter the size or complexity in the life science field.
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington - E.M. Duggan Our association with David Beane goes back to projects at Whitehead Institute in the early 1990’s and as recently at the Harvard LISE project. We have watched him grow in this industry to become one of its truly respected leaders. During his twenty plus years in the field as he developed not only the technical skills necessary but also has mastered the administrative techniques that insure successful projects.
Joseph F. Cullen II
Joseph F. Cullen II - Charles P. Blouin, Inc Charles P. Blouin, Inc. does a fair amount of life sciences work and can attest to the fact that working as a subcontractor for DC Beane and Associates has always been a good experience. WE have done several projects together over the last few years. I can whole heartily recommend DC Beane and Associates as a construction manager or general contractor on any type of project.
Kenneth P. Karey, Ph.D.
Kenneth P. Karey, Ph.D. - Genzyme | Sanofi Corporation I have had the pleasure to work with the DC Beane organization through the planning and execution of multiple Genzyme construction and renovation projects over the past ~10yrs. In all instances David Beane and his staff create and nurture a focused and driven team environment whose sole purpose is to deliver on project expectations and timelines. The DC Beane staff remains visible, engaged, and exerts sound technical and managerial competencies to advance the project and bring solutions to obstacles which arise. Further, they challenge assumptions, think beyond the obvious, and utilize effective progress-tracking tools to monitor, communicate and promote progress in a transparent and candid manner. In short and in my experience, I have found them to be an enabling asset which has been instrumental in achieving our construction-related project goals.
Andrew DelPrete
Andrew DelPrete - Liberty Mutual Insurance Company DC Beane was hired to manage the construction of multiple large roof replacements located at the Corporate Headquarters of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company in Boston, Massachusetts. The Project Team overcame numerous challenges and implemented many countermeasures to successfully complete this project. DC Beane did a great job to demonstrate safety and attention to detail which is critical in every project.
Sherwood A. Butler, III
Sherwood A. Butler, III - TRIA DC Beane is comprised of consummate professionals who understand the importance of team work and attention to detail to ensure the success of a project. Our experience with them was refreshing and enjoyable one which was ultimately reflected in the success of the project. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Joe and his team again in the near future.
Anthony Leonard
Anthony Leonard - Liberty Mutual Insurance Company In selecting DC Beane & Associates for this project, we were impressed with their ability to operate within our corporate framework, understand our goals and objectives and push to achieve them. This was a critical project that at required significant coordination with our tenants and employees alike. Also, given the nature of the work, safety protocols were critical. The safety program implemented by David and his team far exceeded our expectations.
Elio Roffo
Elio Roffo - Southeastern Metal Fabricators, Inc. In my 32 years of association with Southeastern Mtl. Fab. I have known David for close to 30 of those years, a relationship that grew out of respect for one another. My admiration of David goes beyond that of his personal commitment and knowledge of this industry; but also to him as a loyal and dedicated professional. David brings a level of energy and enthusiasm on a project such that it inspires those involved to be productive, which in tum delivers favorable results.
Leo Bedard
Leo Bedard - Genzyme | Sanofi Corporation DC Beane recently completed a fast-track 40,000 square foot occupied lab renovation project requiring a challenging multi-phased construction schedule in which each phase relying on the previous phase being completed on time in order to ensure ongoing laboratory operations were unaffected. DC Beane was able to meet these challenges by adapting to design changes and working with the design team to provide effective solutions to minimize the schedule impact.
David W. Noon
David W. Noon - J. & M. BROWN COMPANY, INC. As a subcontractor, J. & M. Brown would not only be delighted to work for DC Beane, we would be able to offer our services at the most competitive levels possible due to the effective and state-of-the-art management techniques that his firm employs along with Mr. Beane’s personal reputation for being a man of his word and his ability to deliver what he promises. These are all characteristics greatly appreciated and not taken for granted in this industry.
John C. Cannistraro
John C. Cannistraro - J.C. Cannistraro, LLC DC. Beane manages projects with attention to detail, proper planning and scheduling and procurement of quality subcontractors. We have performed approximately one million dollars of plumbing, HVAC & fire protection work for this firm within the last 2 years. They have always paid invoices in a timely manner, have had the best regard for safety, all the while keeping the client’s best interests foremost on each project.
Cris R. Copley
Cris R. Copley - Bard, Rao + Athanas Consulting Engineers, LLC DC Beane manages projects with attention to detail, proper planning and scheduling and procurement of quality subcontractors. We have performed approximately one million dollars of plumbing, HVAC & fire protection work for this firm within the last 2 years. They have always paid invoices in a timely manner, have had the best regard for safety, all the while keeping the client’s best interests foremost on each project.
Susan Countryman
Susan Countryman - LabCorp The entire DCBA Team worked diligently to meet schedule and budget constraints on this phased project. Their daily coordination with the end users and occupants within the building and directly adjacent to the work areas was a key to the success of the project.
Kevin J. Gaffney
Kevin J. Gaffney - Partners HealthCare Systems, Inc. Together we worked through the end user coordination, numerous clarification requests, and critical path decisions. I found DCBA to be completely committed to the project and their decisions always had MGH’s best interests in mind. The entire DCBA Team worked diligently to meet schedule and budget constraints on this phased project. The coordination with the end users and Buildings and Grounds for work impacting occupants within the building and directly adjacent to the work areas was a key to the success of the project.